She Jumps

She Jumps

One of our first partnerships, SheJumps mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities.

SheJumps introduces females of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to the outdoors through "Get the Girls Out" events, youth initiatives, and outdoor education opportunities.

Founded in 2007 by big-mountain skier Lynsey Dyer, Claire Smallwood, and Vanessa Pierce, the vision of SheJumps is to create positive female role models and encourage women around the world to take a jump and live their lives to the fullest potential.

SheJumps has seven regional offices in the United States and a growing network of supporters all around the world. Learn more about their awesome work here and learn more about our partnership here.

Whether skiing or climbing, SheJumps seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of women from beginners to pro athletes as well as, provide them with a support system where they would feel confident taking jumps (risks) and try something new. 

Did we mention that 10% of all co-branded SheJump Steeped goes back to the organization? That's right. You can drink coffee and support females in the outdoors as too.

So snag a co-branded SheJumps Steeped and let's go play outside.

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