Jewel Basin
Jewel Basin
Jewel Basin

Jewel Basin

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Tasting Notes: Raisin Bran. Cocoa. Earthy.

Origin: Rwanda

Process: Washed

Farm: Kanzu

Brew it: on Aeropress 

Say hello to a brand new single-origin coffee to Treeline! This Rwandan is an earthy washed process that's perfect for the rainy season here in Montana. Read on to learn about Kanzu, the farm this coffee was produced on. 

The Kanzu washing station is located in the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda's Western province. This region is known for its lush agriculture, growing cassava, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, bananas, and beans. Kanzu employs 50 local men and women during the harvest season: about 4-5 months from March to July.

Coffee processed through Kanzu is floated and pulped, then dry fermented for 16-18 hours before the mucilage is washed off. A typical drying takes about 18 hours.

Wastewater from this process is recycled using Effective Microorganisms to ensure that it can be used by the nearby community. 

Rwandan coffee production has been impacted by the focused aid provided to the country following the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The PEARL project and SPREAD project resulted in a number of collaborative development projects to rebuild Rwandan agriculture, including coffee and cassava.

PEARL and SPREAD were funded by USAID and U.S. universities and led by Dr. Tim Schilling. These initiatives helped build washing stations, form coops, training agronomists, cuppers, and quality control personnel helping to elevate Rwandese coffee to the specialty markets. 

In 2012, Dormans took over Kanzu washing station and spent the intervening years making investments in infrastructure, training farmers on agronomic best practices.

We love to brew Jewel Basin on Aeropress!

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