Delagua Nano Lot 18
Delagua Nano Lot 18
Delagua Nano Lot 18
Delagua Nano Lot 18
Delagua Nano Lot 18
Delagua Nano Lot 18

Delagua Nano Lot 18

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Please note this coffee comes as 8oz.


Colombia. Anaerobic Natural Process.

Tasting Notes: Creamy. Chocolate Mousse. Mixed Berry.

Here we are bringing you our second Fancy AF coffee and can we just say F#*K YEAH!

When we started Treeline we wanted to bring amazing coffee to our customers. Most of the time that means wonderful and interesting coffees we enjoy everyday. But it’s also no secret that we love to find wildly unique, rare coffees that will brighten your day. So thank you for being here and showing up and enjoying this coffee adventure with us.

This anaerobic natural processed coffee is bold and fruit forward. It’s like desert in a cup! It’s full bodied, rich, thick chocolate with stewed fruits on top

It comes from DelAgua, a collective based in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.

We don’t only love their amazing coffees but their dedication to preserving the environment that its coffee is grown in. DelAgua cultivates a mindset of conservation for the entire process of each coffee. They are committed to producing natural and honey processed coffees and this year, they expect to save roughly 770,000 liters of water!!

By building strong and reliable relationships with their growers, DelAgua is able to advocate, preserve and protect the coffee supply chain.

Essentially, this coffee is not only good for the environment and the common good, but it’ll blow your socks off with its unique profile.

Sourced meticulously

handpicked for you

roasted to

by our amazing team

Natural process

geisha, produced with water conservation in mind.