sustainable practices

What we believe

We at Treeline believe that you should treat every day like Earth Day.

And that is exactly what we do. Each and every day we strive to cut our carbon footprint, reduce our waste, and partner with other like-minded companies who are conservation warriors.

With your help, we accomplished so much this year! Read below for our 2023 Sustainability Report ↓

Sourcing practices

Here at Treeline we like to know exactly where our coffee is coming from. We have close relationships with many of our growers and importers. These relationships help us ensure that we are selecting growers that utilize sustainable practices and allow us to be involved in our supply chain.

Thoughtfully sourced coffee means that it's hand picked by us, for you, with Treeline standards in mind. Not only does that mean a delicious cup of coffee, but a sustainable one.

We work with many female growers who are at the forefront of the coffee growing industry.

To learn more about Treeline's grower relationships, head to our blog!

Water Use

Treeline worked with the City of Bozeman to reduce our water waste by swapping out our faucets and educating staff on the importance of water conservation.

Compostable packaging

We utilize compostable packaging in our coffee bags, cafe cups, and cafe supplies. Through Yes Compost we are able to compost locally!

community engagement

Our owners sit on several local boards to ensure that we are engaged in the community.

Looking forward

This is just the start! Treeline is currently working to become B-corp certified, as well as phasing out packaging that is not yet compostable. We continue to utilize jars and reusable packaging when possible.

We work with our customers to encourage the use of personal mugs. In order to incentivise this we offer $0.25 off every drink made in a reusable mug as well as a free drink with the purchase of a to-go mug. Moving forward we hope to create motivating incentives to encourage the use of reusable mugs.

As Bozeman's community and cost of living grows, we are focused on providing livable wages and upward mobility for our staff.

Lastly, we work with dozens of local and female makers to showcase the amazing work being produced right here in Bozeman!