Our recipe: 16-17g finely ground coffee(dose); 1.5oz-2oz(35g-40g) of brewed espresso (output), and 20-25 seconds shot time.

Home espresso is a tricky one to nail down. Home grinders tend to be coarser than a cafe grinder, making it more difficult to dial in your shots.

With that being said, the recipes changes to needing less coffee, shorter shot time, and more water output than you'll see in our cafes. Above are our recommended volumetrics, but you'll need to tinker with those to find your perfect settings!

Start by pulling a shot, taste it, does it taste sour and sharp? This means you'll want to adjust your grinds a bit finer and your brew time a few seconds longer. Does your espresso taste very bitter and have an unpleasant taste lingering on your tongue? Coarsen up your grind setting, shorten your shot time and give that a try!

It's all in the little details, try to keep your water temperature around 200 degrees and your pressure around 6-8 bars and see where the shots lie. Remember, finer grind will result in shorter shots and coarser grind will result in longer ones.


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