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Sign up for our subscription and SAVE. Subscribers enjoy 15% off and free shipping (on subscriptions over $30).

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Wake up to treeline every day, from the comfort of your own home.

Your first cup of coffee in the morning should be easy. And our coffee subscription does just that.

We take the drama (llama) out of getting your coffee by delivering exactly what you want and need, right to your doorstep, at your desired cadence.

We often feature coffees to our subscribers before anyone else gets access, so sign up and be first to see what the Treeline crew is loving!

To get set up, you simply select the coffee you’d like to receive, choose the delivery frequency, then sit back, relax and enjoy the coffee...

There’s no obligation! You can pause, adjust, delay or cancel your subscription at any time.

Oh, and did we mention that when you subscribe, you save by getting 15% off your coffee, each and every billing cycle AND free shipping? So that's neat.

Let's get started.

You had me at coffee.
What do I do next?


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The easiest part! We have several options available for our subscribe and save feature.

• You can let us do the heavy lifting with the Roaster's Choice
• Off the caff'? Get our superb decaf delivered instead!
• More of an espresso ('spro) fan? We've got that too.


7, 14, 28 or 56 days? You choose which coffee you want when. For instance, you can get the Roasters choice every week, and your decaf can arrive once a month - customize it to fit your coffee needs.

03. Choose your delivery method.


Need it shipped? We offer free shipping on subscription orders over $30.

To get your free shipping just add code: SUBSCRIPTION SHIPPING at checkout and boom, shipping is on us (you'll only need to do this once).

Bozeman Delivery:

Want it delivered to your doorstep in Bozeman?

We offer free home delivery in the Bozeman city limits on all subscription orders over $13 Just add the discount code SUBSCRIPTION HOME DELIVERY at checkout and it will auto-magically apply each billing cycle.

Pick Up:

Want to pick up your order at our Roasting Room? Great! Just enter in the code SUBSCRIPTION PICKUP checkout and we'll be in touch when your order is ready to be picked up at our Northside location 624 N. Wallace Bozeman, MT.

04. Sit back and relax!
Your coffee is on the way.

**Don't forget - the day you sign up is the day your subscription starts!

Need to change it, pause it or cancel? You'll have full control over your subscription through your customer profile.



    Psst...when you subscribe, you save 15% each and every cycle. AND free shipping on all subscriptions over $30 (after discount). 



    For home delivery: your subscription total needs to be at least $20 and all you have to do is enter SUBSCRIPTION HOME DELIVERY in the discount code section at checkout when you first checkout. Your discount will auto-magically apply at each billing cycle.

    For shipping: your subscription total needs to be at least $30 and free shipping will auto-magically be applied at checkout.

    Easy! Just add SUBSCRIPTION PICKUP at checkout and it'll be ready for you at our Northside Location at the frequency you chose. Don't worry, we'll send your some reminders :)

    Solid maybe. We buy our coffees seasonally, and only some are available year around. We recommend you choose Roaster's Choice of the region your fave coffee is from, leave a note in the notes section of what you were looking for, and we'll do our best to pick something same-same but different each month :)

    Easy! Just head over to your profile and adjust your address. You can even add multiple addresses if you are bopping about and want your coffee to follow along.

    **the more heads up you give us, the better the odds that your coffee will make it to your doorstep when you move! Please note that changes made 3 days prior to your account being charged will not to affect until the following month.

    Easy! Just head to your customer profile and adjust your payment method before your card is charged. You will get a "heads up" email 3 days prior to your card getting charged, so hopefully that helps remind you!

    Great! Each coffee in your subscription is completely customizable. So get some whole bean, and your other coffee ground for preferred brewing method.

    So many! You can:

    • Pause

    • Change your shipping date or frequency

    • Add to your subscription (!)

    • Cancel :(

    Simply log into your Customer Profile and hit "manage my subscription" in the right hand corner. Questions? Reach out to us!

    You sure can! We'll have pre-paid options available as well as monthly recurring payments set as gifts.

    If you are hoping to add a friend's subscription onto your tab, simply add a subscription to your cart, add your payment, select frequency and attach their address to the subscription. Need help? Just ask!

    There are 2 ways to access your subscription.

    1) Click my account (the human icon) in the upper right corner of our website, and then click "Manage Subscription" on the right hand side.

    2)Click the manage my subscription link in one of your subscription confirmation emails.

    Thank you for being a long time subscriber! We love having you and we can't wait to move you over to this new and improved platform.

    That said, we are lucky to have a lot of you and will be taking our time over then next few months to move everyone successfully.

    In the mean time, your coffee will still be delivered to you at your current cadence.

    If you want to make the move faster, no problem!

    Please reach out to and we will help you with the process.