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Nevada City
Nevada City
Nevada City
Nevada City

Nevada City

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Grind Setting

TASTING NOTES OF: Brown Sugar. Strawberry. Chocolate Brownie. 

ORIGIN: Guatemala
FARM: Los Dos Socios
GROWER: Don Concepcion Villatoro Matias


A tribute to the small town in Northern California where it all began….”it” being the friendship that allowed Natalie and Deejay to eventually create what is now Treeline Coffee Roasters.

Don Concepcion Villatoro Matias has owned his farm since 1990. He gradually grew his farm since then, even planting Bourbon and Caturra plants in the shade of Chalum trees.  His warm and generous demeanor tells the story of a powerful kindness cultivated over a lifetime. Don Concepción Villatoro is a gentle man synchronized to the rhythms of his farm, his family, and his faith.  Aptly, Concepción tells the origin story of his farm name, "The Two Associates" in the form of a parable on humility:

"A guy said, to an old man, 'The sign above your garden says there are two partners here but I only ever see you working here.' The old man told him, 'The other partner is the one up in the sky. He commands the rain, he commands everything else we need, I just work here to care for the plants.'"

On the high mountainside of El Chalum in La Libertad, the climate is mild, shielded from heat by mountain peaks and often by cloud cover. Don Concepción works closely with his son, cultivating Caturra and Bourbon varieties beneath Chalum and Gravilea shade trees. Meticulous pruning and care means the Villatoro's plants are verdant and thriving.  

A coffee that is as simply pleasant as the town it’s named after, this coffee has us feeling like strolling through the narrow streets as we window shop our favorite local shops. A farm almost as old as Natalie and Deejay’s friendship, this Guatemala will not disappoint.

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**100% guaranteed is more of like "I dare you not to like it" rather than a guarantee. We are just very caffeinated and confident :) 
The Innovator

TASTING NOTES OF: Sherbet. Brown Sugar. Raspberry. 

ORIGIN: Colombia
Farmer: Liliana Lozano

Classic story: woman decides she wants to do something great. The woman does said great thing. We all enjoy woman's great things because it truly is great.