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Born in the mountains of Bozeman, Montana, we believe that coffee should fuel you to do the things you love. We’ve been fearlessly roasting since 2013 and it is our mission to provide a unique and excellent coffee experience. 

Enjoy a damn fine cup of coffee, gear up with our top of the line brewing equipment, or style your next quest with our custom swag. Wherever life’s adventures take you, Treeline has you covered.

Not your average coffee roasting company

We fundamentally believe in transparency and honesty when it comes down to how we do things at Treeline.


01. It means traceability of each bag of coffee back to its farmer.

02. It means drinking coffees that are sustainably grown by socially responsible farms.

03. It means getting your coffee served by baristas who have been trained in the art of Treeline and who are committed to providing you a welcoming and engaging coffee experience.

04. It means buying from a coffee company you can trust and drink really, really good coffee too.

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two locations in bozeman
get caffeinated.

Two shops for double the adventure and double the fun. Stop by either cafe for literally all your coffee needs.

Slingin' our quality coffee seven days a week. Stop by and get your fix.


Dine in outside

Learn more about our cafes, greenhouse seating and up to date COVID protocols here.

Thoughtfully Sourcing

from our farmer friends

Discover the true meaning of 'farm to cup' by trying one of our relationship based coffees today.

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It's not just our moms who think we're pretty great.

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Bozeman's Choice: 2017, '18, '20, 21
Best of Bozeman: 2019 + 2020




Was in town for a couple days and never went anywhere else! Great coffee. Rad spot. Really kind staff

S Scott

If you enjoy specialty coffee and coffee shops with personality you will love this place. We instantly fell in love with the shop, its staff and customers, and the surrounding neighborhood. Looking forward to our next visit.

Kevin H

Quite possibly the best cup of coffee I and my fiancé have ever had. The chocolate mountain a Costa Rica origin bean, served as a drip coffee nothing more. Perfection in a cup. Also, first time having a hand pie. Also highly recommended.

H Townsend

Co-Owner Deejay Newell
Named 20 under 40


A Guide To Coffee Outside ft. Treeline Coffee by Oboz Footwear

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Bozeman, MT