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Because some things are just better together.

Like getting Black Folks out camping. Or removing stereotypes and allowing the ladies to crush their adventure goals. Or supporting our first National Park. Chances are, if their mission aligns with ours - then we want do great things, together.

So join us in our mission to support some of these amazing organization below.

Black Folks Camp Too

The idea is simple: the outdoors should be enjoyed by everyone, equally.

Enter Earl B. Hunter Jr., the founder and President of Black Folks Camp Too, who created a brand that fosters inclusion and education surrounding outdoor activities.

Their mission? Remove fears, add knowledge, and invite more Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone.

We were introduced to Earl and his team by our good friends over at Oboz Footwear who are our local neighbors and like-minded friends with a similar goal: get people outside.

The three of us; Oboz Footwear, Black Folks Camp Too, and Treeline Coffee Roasters quickly realized that our friendship was an easy fit. We all want the same thing - to educate people, foster relationships, and break down barriers.

We are pretty darn excited to launch this coffee blend, mostly because it’s absolutely delicious, but also because it has the power to help us achieve our goals.

And what's our goal you ask? To unite people with the Unity Blaze, one cup of coffee around one campfire at a time.

Did we mention that 10% of every bag sold goes directly back to Black Folks Camp Too to help with their efforts?

So snag the Unity Blaze and let’s get to work…and go camping :) **now available as a subscription!

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One of our first partnerships, SheJumps mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities.

SheJumps introduces females of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to the outdoors through "Get the Girls Out" events, youth initiatives, and outdoor education opportunities.

Founded in 2007 by big-mountain skier Lynsey Dyer, Claire Smallwood, and Vanessa Pierce, the vision of SheJumps is to create positive female role models and encourage women around the world to take a jump and live their lives to the fullest potential.

SheJumps has seven regional offices in the United States and a growing network of supporters all around the world. Learn more about their awesome work here and learn more about our partnership here.

Whether skiing or climbing, SheJumps seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of women from beginners to pro athletes as well as, provide them with a support system where they would feel confident taking jumps (risks) and try something new. 

Did we mention that 10% of all co-branded SheJump GEOs goes back to the organization? That's right. You can drink coffee and support females in the outdoors as too.

So snag a co-branded SheJumps GEO and let's go play outside.



Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

Like when Stefanie reached out to us about sponsoring her podcast, which is produced by a company called Treeline Journal and is about badass women and mothers who are conquering the world, one ultra-long run at a time.

Here’s the thing; sometimes you just know that something is going to be great. And after our first call with Stefanie and Nikki, we knew. We knew these ladies were having conversations that needed to be had and were running miles that needed to be run and for the love of all that is meant to be in the world - we knew that they should be drinking our coffee.

And a beautiful partnership was born.

Treeline is proud to announce that Stefanie and Nikki are our newest Ambassadors and will be sipping Treeline Coffee to help fuel their adventures. And if you’re a subscriber to the Run Hard, Mom Hard podcast - you’ll also get to fuel your next adventure with an exclusive discount.

So run hard, mom hard, drink good coffee and repeat - #youradventurestartshere

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A wild partnership.

Here in Bozeman, we consider ourselves a Gateway Community to Yellowstone National Park. Each year, we welcome thousands of visitors who are headed through our town on their next National Park adventure. In the Spring of 2018, Treeline Coffee Roasters aligned itself with Yellowstone Forever and a wild partnership was born.

Since 2018, we've launched the Prismatic Blend, featured the 1872 Blend for Give Big, hosted Yellowstone Forever for meetings, events and the annual Give Big fundraiser and, of course, caffeinated board members and staff throughout the years.

We are proud to partner with Yellowstone Forever and can't wait to see what this wild have in store for us for years to come.

Oh, and did we mention that 10% of every Prismatic Blend sold goes directly to Yellowstone Forever?

That means that you are directly supporting our first National Park by drinking Treeline Coffee. Now

Prismatic blend is now available as a subscription! Give back each and every month.

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Beer collab? Auction item for local fundraiser? Chances are, we're game. We love to support and give back to our community in every way we can! Have an idea of how Treeline can support you or want to collaborate on something? Reach out to us and let's make something happen!