Pour Over

Pour Over

PREP Place filter pre-wet by pouring hot water over the filter, fully saturating to remove any particulates and warm the vessel. Discard water from vessel.

GRIND 24g (~4 tbsp) of coffee on medium (kosher salt). Add grinds to the pre-wet filter and give a gentle shake so the bed is even.

BREW Start pouring in the center, making a circular motion and slowly working your way outward then back inward in a spiral. Avoid pouring water onto the filter as this just shoots through the sides and does not extract the coffee. Try and maintain a slow and steady stream for even extraction, when you finish brewing you want the bed of coffee leftover to be flat. Pour just enough water to cover the coffee entirely, about 2x more water then coffee (~50g/2oz), making sure to wet all grounds. Start your timer and allow coffee to “bloom” for about 30-40 seconds.

After 30 seconds, you can begin slowly pouring in the remaining water, making three separate pours. Pour to 150g (~5oz) of water on your first pour, then allow the slurry to fall until 1 minute. Then pour to 260g (~9oz) and allow to fall until 2 minutes. Your final pour will be to 350-370g (~12-13oz) and should finish brewing at 3 minutes. If the brew is too fast, consider using a finer grind or a slower pour rate next time. If the brew is too slow, consider using a coarser grind or a faster pour rate.

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