Mauricio Osorio + Adriana Adolphs

Mauricio Osorio + Adriana Adolphs

"Meet" Adriana and Mauricio, one of our coffee families out of Colombia, who produce, process, export, and import their coffee (hence why we call them the Power Couple, they truly do it all). Between the two of them, they own several other farms and operate Traviesa Coffee which is "as Colombian as the coffee they grow."

Natalie had the pleasure of first visiting Mauricio and Adriana in Manizales, Colombia, in 2015, and Deejay embarked on the same trip in 2016. Since then, Mauricio and Adriana have hosted an additional six Treeline team members with open arms and hearts.

The coffee coming out of Traviesa tastes like Colombian hospitality. It tastes like years of dedication to cultivating an exceptional coffee experience, from farm to cup. It tastes like long walks through rows and rows of coffee trees. It tastes like bumpy rides in a brightly covered jeep. But most importantly, it tastes really good.

The Samaria has been (and will continue to be) a key component in our signature espresso Blackbeard. This year, we are happy to offer it as a stand-alone coffee so you can taste how magical it truly is. Enjoy! 


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