Cafe Imports

Cafe Imports

Have you ever had a close friendship with somebody, only to realize you don’t even remember how you met? It was just sort of “besties at first sight”. Well, that is sort of how we feel about our friends over at Cafe Imports, not really remembering the specifics, but knowing that we’ve been receiving bomb coffees from them since 2015(ish). 

With a motto of “buying the best coffees means buying coffees better” speaks towards their holistic approach to sourcing coffee. Essentially, they aim to source amazing coffees at several different tiers. This allows small farmers to export their coffee alongside larger co-ops. Rather than “coming in, taking the best, and leaving” cafe imports works with farmers in these different regions to better their coffees, farmer practices and in turn get a higher profit for their crop. On the side of the roaster, this allows access to a much larger selection of coffees from all over the world. 

As a smaller roaster first starting out, we had access to up-and-coming coffees that we would normally not be able to afford. As we grew, so did the farms and farmers and we were able to pay a premium for new coffees and coffees that had grown in quality and we grew in size. 

In 2019 we had the pleasure of attending ‘Best Cup’ in El Salvador where Natalie was able to participate in a live auction for some spectacular coffees. We also have to thank Cafe Imports for our Espresso Blenders, our amazing Costa Rican coffee ‘Chocolate Mountain’, and some amazing top end coffees that we bring in each year. Check out our selections from Cafe Imports today! 

Blackbeard Espresso
Blackbeard Espresso

Blackbeard Espresso

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TASTING NOTES OF: Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Blackberry.

ORIGIN: Colombia + Costa Rica


There is an ancient Treeline ghost story that our signature espresso blend was crafted by one of our very own baristas and perfected by our very own boss lady roaster. This tale has been circulated, rumored, and twisted into a legend that matches the blend itself: dynamic, robust, and packs one hell of a pirate punch.

Packed partially with one of our favorite coffees from Finca Samaria, this coffee is reliably delicious. Nobody will ever really know how this spookily delicious blend was designed, but its legendary taste will sail away in espresso history.

This espresso was a Silver Medal winner at the 2018 Golden Bean Awards in Portland. It’s a Roasting Room favorite, and we hope you love it as much as we do!

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