Mighty Peace Coffees

Mighty Peace Coffees

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We stumbled upon Mighty Peace Coffee in the summer of 2021. Right from the get-go, we knew that they’d be a good fit. As a Congolese Owned Company and an all Female Execute Team, we knew this company was going to be committed to giving back to its community (call it a hunch). Upon discovering their mission statement, our ‘gut feeling’ was proven correct. 

Their values drive ethical practices and uphold the three pillars of the peace trade:

  1. High Labor Standards: with dedication in obtaining fair trade or equivalent certifications
  2. Sustainability: aims to achieve environmental and sustainable organic certifications
  3. Launching peace trade partnerships with local civil society organizations, the united nations, and African business owners associations working to create an economic transformation in conflict coffee growing regions.

With a sturdy backbone to their company, the coffee that they export also stands apart from other coffees coming out of the region. The focus on quality is apparent and their dedication to sustainability allows us to buy with confidence. As a leader in “seed-to-table” specialty coffee, they work closely with cooperatives in the DRC to bring spectacular Arabica to roasters all across North America…like us! 

We are proud to work with companies like Might Peace Coffees and are grateful to hitch our wagon to like-minded organizations, especially when we received reports as we did at the end of 2021. The report stated that through a portion of the profits received from the sales of coffees through the Mighty Peace Organization, participating farmers were able to:

  • Rehabilitate two clean water sources and damaged water pipes
  • Distribute school supplies to children of all 1,100 producers
  • Provide workshops  on how to gain supplemental income streams through livestock (goats, pigs, fowl)
  • Increase investments in AVEC; a credit union providing loans and microloans
  • Continue construction of a women's health clinic
  • Continue Reforestation Efforts
    • Every child gets a tree initiative that educates children on environmental sustainability
    • Teach school children to plant and take care of trees in the territory
  • Free workshops and coffee seedlings provided to oft-marginalized groups: women and Pygmies


In (not so) short: organizations like Mighty Peace are a clear example of why we take great pride in our sourcing practices. We are intentional about who we get coffee from, and when we find an organization like this, it is one we will continue to foster a relationship with for years to come. Head over to our “Do The Congo” to taste difference of ethically sourced coffee. 

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