On March 18, 2020 Natalie and I closed both cafes to the public and laid off the majority of our staff due to the Novel Coronavirus. As the world spiraled in the unknown, we hyper focused on what we did know: coffee.

Unlike many of our other restaurant and cafe friends in town, our cafe contained our manufacturing center and roaster. Without knowing anything about the virus, we made the tough decision to close our doors to the public to keep our roasting facility safe. By choosing to do this, we were able to keep providing retail coffee to our local community and customers all across the country. We grew our online business, took an 8 week hiatus from having a public facing business, and (essentially) got our s**t together.

When we reopened in May, we did it intentionally and safely. We followed the guidelines, we masked our employees up and we ensured that our coffee service was done in a way that kept our community and employees safe.

We realized quickly that providing socially distant indoor seating in a shop that is designed to host its customer’s shoulder to shoulder was going to be tougher than it looked. We bought some picnic benches and kicked everyone back outside to enjoy the Bozeman summer, while they sipped their coffee in the safety of the mountain fresh air.

We built several greenhouses knowing that sunshine and good weather only lasts for about a blink of an eye here in Montana. As the snow fell, we were ready. We were able to serve our customers safely outside by letting them “dine in outdoors” in the greenhouses provided.

Essentially, we pivoted. We adapted. We took 2020 and its curve balls one day at a time.

As I sit here today and type this out, 2020 felt like a year of “wtf” but it also felt like a year of opportunity. It gave us a chance to take a step back, realize what was important, and regroup. We were extremely fortunate to have the support of our community and customers, which allowed us to push forward each day.

The year made us realize that as long as we kept buying, roasting, and providing excellent coffee - people would buy it. It reminded us of why we are in this business; to bring exceptional coffee to the cups of our customers.

So today, as an ode to 2020 we bring you an amazing Geisha out of Boquete, Panama. This coffee embodies everything that Treeline holds near and dear.

Enter Benedicto Santamaria, a 61 year old farmer who has been working with coffee for over 20 years. His dedication to the crop is evident in this harvest and as a very “hands-on” farmer, his passion comes through every sip.

Creativa Coffee District located in Boquete helps farmers like Benedicto produce their harvest. Their commitment to the entire process of coffee growing and producing goes well beyond the fundamentals. “At Creativa Coffee District, ART and COFFEE collide in a colorful equilibrium to inspire change. Located in Chiriquí province of Panamá, our processing facility will serve as a canvas for passionate designers and coffee professionals to create masterpieces that will elevate your taste experience.”

This coffee is truly just that; a masterpiece.

Scoring at 92, this coffee is sweet, jammy, and smooth. It’s malty and bright. It’s delicious.

This coffee represents how Treeline is looking forward after one hell of a year. We are proud to represent this coffee and will continue to buy exceptional coffees for our customers, like you. We strive to offer an elevated coffee experience and hope that this coffee achieves just that. Enjoy!

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