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Meet The Treehouse! A little backstory behind the movers & shakers of Treeline Coffee.

Trust these lads with your coffee experience? It's only natural. Check out their recommendations so you can drink Treeline like a boss (literally).

Natalie Van Dusen

Chief Caffeinator

To say that Natalie LOVES coffee, might be an understatement. She started stealing coffee from her parent's coffee pot when she was 6 and can’t understand why her 6-year-old, West, isn’t interested in the slightest 😆

When Natalie moved to Bozeman she dreamt of building a coffee business that encompassed all the things she loved; community, friendships, outdoor adventures, and travel. 

More than a decade later you can find her on the hunt for amazing coffees from around the world working closely with our farming partners, expanding her coffee and sensory knowledge on her journey to become a Q Arabica Instructor for CQI and emerging herself in the amazing community of Bozeman that she calls home. 

Deejay Cook

Bean Ambassador

Meet Deej. Self proclaimed 'sister' of Natalie and Co-Owner of Treeline. Nat-N-Deej have know each other since Deej was 8 and in 2014 she followed Nat to Montana and never looked back.

Specializing in sarcasm and "Dad Jokes", she is currently running Treeline's E-Commerce, Marketing, Social Media and Partnerships.

Deejay has sat on a handful of boards in the past, but has scaled back a bit as her and her husband will welcome their first child in May.

You can catch her chasing sunshine in the summer, teaching a class at MSU in the fall and skiing hard enough in the winter to earn herself a beer at one of the local breweries.

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Amelia Dwyer

Hunter & Gatherer

Amelia is a long-time food service professional passionate about travel and cuisine. Hailing from a vibrant East Coast family, she has dedicated their career to seeking out the best restaurants and travel destinations.

Her adventurous spirit and keen palate make her a trusted guide for culinary exploration, always on the hunt for the next great experience.

Luckily for Treeline, it was that spirit that allowed us to pull her from a very successful career in food sales and convince her to move to Bozeman to play with us in the mountains and hustle coffee in her free time.