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Meet The Treehouse! A little backstory behind the movers & shakers of Treeline Coffee.

Trust these lads with your coffee experience? It's only natural. Check out their recommendations so you can drink Treeline like a boss (literally).

Natalie Van Dusen

Chief Caffeinator

Deejay Cook

Bean Ambassador

Meet Deej. Self proclaimed 'sister' of Natalie and Co-Owner of Treeline. Nat-N-Deej have know each other since Deej was 8 and in 2014 she followed Nat to Montana and never looked back.

Specializing in sarcasm and "Dad Jokes", she is currently running Treeline's E-Commerce, Marketing, Social Media and Partnerships.

Deejay has sat on a handful of boards in the past, but has scaled back a bit as her and her husband will welcome their first child in May.

You can catch her chasing sunshine in the summer, teaching a class at MSU in the fall and skiing hard enough in the winter to earn herself a beer at one of the local breweries.

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