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ORIGIN: Colombia
FARM: Alvaro Mora
Producer: Delagua

From the same producers who brought us our "Fancy A.F." coffee, this naturally processed coffee from Delagua is just as spectacular (without the price tag). Bright, tart and effervescent, it has us sipping it slowly while basking in the sun.

Introducing Villa Pastora, a coffee gem nestled in the picturesque Palestina municipality of Huila, Colombia. Led by the passionate coffee grower Álvaro Arley Mora Anacona, this enchanting 8-hectare farm has been cultivating coffee for over 30 years.

Beyond their love for coffee, the Mora Anacona family supports their community by providing fermentation guidance and drying services to fellow farmers. Villa Pastora is not just a farm; it's a symbol of sustainable, chemical-free practices and preserving the region's diverse flora and fauna.

As you savor the flavors of Villa Pastora's coffee, you become part of a story spanning generations. A story rooted in dedication, innovation, and the deep connection between people and their land.

Not ready to commit? Try just a smidge with our brand new 2 oz sampler packs! 100% compostable and 100%** guaranteed to make you fall in love with a new coffee.

**100% guaranteed is more of like "I dare you not to like it" rather than a guarantee. We are just very caffeinated and confident :) 

**To learn more about Mauricio and Adrianna, click here!

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